1. Responsive website

1.1 Delivery Time

We aim to deliver all websites within 4 weeks after receiving all details and contents from the client. Custom websites may have a longer delivery time.

1.2 Hosting

You must supply all hosting details with your order so that we can access you hosting account. Alternatively you can transfer your domain to us and host your website and email on our state of the art cloud server. You will have to address this with your order to prevent delay.

1.3 Content

After you order you need to supply all content of your new website, including images of the right resolution (min. 1 megapixel is advised, we can scale down but we do not scale up). We do not generate content or search for images to use on your website.

1.4 Design

Making a custom design is expensive, therefore we use a template out of our pre-designed portfolio and we adjust that to your corporate identity. Before we customise the template we ask you to approve the template we chose, then we will edit it to perfectly fit your business identity. Changes in design are limited to CSS changes.

1.5 Communication

We are dedicated to deliver high standard technical websites. However, to arrive at a design that you like we need your input. Without clear instructions we do not make any changes. Also, the above mentioned delivery times are based on timely communication from your side.

1.6 Payment Terms

Responsive websites are paid in advance. Bigger project can be split in 2 payments, 50% before the start and 50% upon delivery. No refunds are made after the start of the project, no exceptions.

2. First Page Google Results

2.1 The Guarantee

We are proud to offer guaranteed results, and we are so confident that if we do not get you a Google (Places) listing on the first page of Google we continue the work for FREE.

2.1.1 Your Guaranteed Listing

We do our best to get the specific page (URL) you indicate on the first page for the corresponding keyword, an we are used to succeed. However, Google is not always rational and might consider another page more relevant. In this case the guarantee is met when whatever page of your website lists on the first page of the Google domain of your choice when searching the contracted keyword.

2.1.2 Your Guarantee In Detail

Our goal is to get first page rankings for all your keywords. However, many factors can (temporarily) play a role in not getting 100% of your chosen keywords to the first page. Think about changes in algorithm and competition fighting for the same spot, in these cases your rankings can sometimes be volatile and jump up and down. This means they need some time (maintenance) to cement in and loose their volatility. Because of this we consider a guarantee/project successful when 75% of the ranks are achieved.

2.2 Exceptions On the Guarantee

Search Engine Optimisation is an art, and to do it right there are many things that have to be respected. However, we can not control everything. Therefore some scenarios can cause you to loose this guarantee;

2.2.1 Server Uptime

Whenever your website is down this will have negative influence on your ranking. If you do not host with us this is not something we can prevent. Also you must assure that the target page URL(s) will be working correctly (no 404/301 re-directs, etc..) If we experience that your website/webpage goes down or becomes unavailable, we will continue working but you will loose your guarantee.

2.2.2 Webpage Content

During the SEO contract we will advise how to optimise your webpage if necessary. You will need to apply these changes within 5 working days so that the project is not delayed. Also, during the contract you are not allowed to change the content/meta tags/urls of the targeted webpage(s) without our prior consent. If you do not comply, we will continue working but you will loose your guarantee.

2.2.3 Website Structure

During the contract you cannot change the structure/coding of your website. This includes changes like upgrading to or switching CMS. If you decide to do so, we will continue working but you will loose your guarantee.

2.2.4 Late Payments

We are offering the best prices to make this service available for as much people as possible. This means that we do not account for financing risk, after all we are not a bank, so you need to pay the monthly term at the beginning of the month. If we haven’t received your payment we will stop the work and this harms the results of the project. If you accumulate more that 14 “late-days” we will continue after payment, but you will loose your guarantee. If you are not sure that you can make payments on-time you can always credit your account in advance to prevent suspension.

2.2.5 No Other SEO Activities

For every project we make a strategic plan. You should therefore not be involved with any other (third party) SEO activities as this can harm our strategy. If you are in doubts you should contact us first. If we experience that other than our own SEO activities harm the results we continue working but you will loose your guarantee.

2.2.6 Change of Google Algorithm or Sandboxing (grey-barring)

We assure you that we only use google approved methods to increase your ranking. However, due to historic activities (or activities by third partners) that we are not aware off Google can ban your website out of their index. We take no responsibility nor liability for this (see 2.2.5). Additionally, Google sometime does mayor updates on their algorithm that may cause your project to be delayed. As these updates are unforeseen we can not consider them part of our responsibility. Nevertheless, we will keep working on a best-effort basis to achieve your rankings as soon as possible.

2.3 Payment Terms, Deposit & Cancellation

All our SEO activities are paid for in advance to keep the price as low as possible. Therefore, you need to pay your invoices at the beginning of every month (and you get a reminder 7 & 2 before that). Additionally, at the start of the project you pay one month of deposit. The deposit can be considered your last months payment.

Because of our planning and preparations we need you to cancel your SEO activities with a two months notice. You can cancel starting two months before the end of your contract. If you fail to cancel on time we use your deposit to pay for our cost incurred.

Additionally, our monthly costs and effort are not equal to your monthly payment. The first months we incur higher cost that the last months, but for your convenience we average this out to equal payments. Therefore, if you cancel before the end of your contract, you still have to pay the remaining terms.

2.4 Achieving The Project Goal

We charge you monthly installments for your convenience. However, the total price we quote (months x price) is the total cost of achieving your rankings. If we achieve your rankings before the end of the contract we are entitled to bill you the remaining installments at once. Your gain here is that you benefit from your rankings faster. After full payment of the contract we continue monthly billing and working on your SEO (See 2.5) if you did not cancel (See 2.3).

2.5 Maintenance Of Your Rankings

Once you are on the first page we advise to keep working on your ranking not to loose them to competitors. If we do not hear from you we will continue billing and aim to improve your rankings to get and keep them in the Top3. We also offer a maintenance service for 50% of your monthly billing for which we maintain you first page results on a best-effort basis.

3.0 Terms of Payment

To maintain our prices low we only work on prepayment. The due date of your invoice is the date it has to be paid. We generate invoices 7 days in advance, and we send you a reminder 2 days in advance. If you have troubles to remember paying your invoices on-time you can prepay your account in advance, we will than use your credit to pay your invoices for you. Late payment can result in loosing your guarantee (See 2.2.4).

3.1 Late Fees

14 days after the due-date of your invoice we add a 10% administration/late fee. So please pay on-time according to our terms of payment.