So you’ve got the website. What now? How do you get the traffic needed to make sales? Don’t Pay-Per-Click, let us explain to you why Search Engine Optimisation is the answer.

The internet has heralded many opportunities for savvy business owners. Never before has it been possible to connect with a worldwide audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However, although it has levelled the playing field between big business and small companies, unless your website is listed on the first page of a search engine then you can practically kiss goodbye to your customers finding you.

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for your website. Think back to your own surfing habits – how often do you search the results listings on page 2? Or page 3? And page 14?

Research has shown that a website listed at the top of search results receives up to 56% of visitors. The top five results receive up to 80% of all visitors for that search term.

Regardless of whether you are a multimillion dollar organisation, or a one man band, if you can get to the top of google – or any other search engine for that matter – you will make sales. Your primary goal is to beat your competition to that top spot.

But fear not, you don’t have to be an algorithmic genius to get onto that first page. FAMOSO Worldwide can help. We are experts in Search Engine Optimisation and getting websites to that all important first page. Our track record speaks for itself; we are specialists at getting any search term of your choice to the top of search engine results.

So how does it work? For a fixed monthly fee, starting from just €299, we undertake all of the following services:

  • We embark upon comprehensive and all-encompassing research to determine the most lucrative keywords to rank for.
  • We identify the changes needed to your site – both content and coding – that will boost your search engine placement.
  • We begin the process of improving your reputation with Google through link-building, something that may take anywhere between four to eight months depending on the strength of your competitors and your target market.
  • You will receive weekly updates as to the work we have been doing, and we ensure that you are kept up to date with improvements in your ranking.

What’s more, also ask us for our Long Tail Traffic Generation where we use Artificial Intelligence to get you TONS OF TRAFFIC exploiting thousands of under-optimised Long Tail keywords in your niche!

Once on the first page FAMOSO Worldwide keeps working to get you in the Top 3. However, we can also help you just to maintain your position in the face of new competitors, and you can downgrade your package to get this peace of mind for a lower price.

Contact us right now using the form on the right to discuss your specific requirements. Just think of how much potential revenue that all important first page listing could bring your company!! Contact us NOW!