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What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is a web-based system to manage the content of your website. We normally use WordPress, one of the most popular and user-friendly CMS available. After we set-up your website you don’t need any technical knowledge to maintain your website, as WordPress works very much like any text editor you use on your PC.

What is a Responsive Design and why do I need it?

A responsive design is one that automatically adjust the content of your website to the resolution of the screen of your visitors. This means that your website is always perfectly visible on all PC’s, notepads and mobile phones without zooming and horizontal scrolling. This ensures the perfect user experience and becomes increasingly important as mobile searches are already exceeding desktop queries!

What do I get when I order a website with FAMOSO WorldWide?

The basic package for a website is all you need to start your online venture. You tell use the purpose of your website, the content that it will contain, and you supply us your corporate identity, colors and logo. We then pick a responsive design from our portfolio and customise it for your business. Additionally you can order additional modules to: optimise your website for SEO, add contact forms to your website, add additional languages to your website, etc..

I order the SEO pack with my website, do I still need you SEO services?

The SEO pack with your website allows you to optimise your content for search engines, and optimise the information that will be visible in the search results. However, solely optimising your content is in most cases not sufficient to reach the first page of Google, and that is what we accomplish with our SEO service.

What can I expect from your SEO packages and are results guaranteed?

A website without traffic is worth nothing. With our  SEO services we accomplish that you will rank on the first page of google for the keywords of your choice. This usually takes us anywhere between 2-4 months, after which you can continue for Top 3 rankings or downgrade your package to lower your monthly cost and simply maintain your first page rankings. Our Medium SEO Package includes publishing the following links; 160+ Approved Articles, 1,600+ Forum Profiles, 20+ Press Releases, 240+ RSS feeds, 1,600+ Web 2.0, 200+ Social Bookmarks, 160+ Social Network, 1,000+ Wiki’s, 80+ Wiki .edu and 16 PDF’s. Links are equally spread over the month, a Large SEO Package is 3x this amount, and and Extra Large SEO Package 5x this amount of links! Additionally we create you page audit reports and ranking reports every week. You won’t find a similar service at this price in the market! Although our results are not guaranteed for legal reasons, you can expect to see the first results in 2-4 months!

How can you offer this service so cheap?

This is the question we get the most, even from competitors of which many now make use of our whitelabel service. And the answer is simple: We specialise in what we do, and we have optimised the process. Our experience allows us to create the best possible strategy and combine new technologies to lower the cost. Furthermore, we control the SEO strategy ourselves, and we create professional content. But instead of doing all the manual link-building work ourselves in Europe (which would cost about €35/hour in labor without our markup) we automate one part and outsource the rest to our office in India (where labour for link-building cost only $10-15/hour). And link-building is about 80% of the overal work, so you can do the numbers.

Is your SEO Service Safe?

Yes! As pioneers in our market we use a Hybrid Strategy that combines white-hat manual link-building and grey-hat automated submissions to reach the best results for the best possible price. However, your long-term result is our only goal so you can rest assured that we do nothing to put your website at risk. We actually have many clients that use our service to restore their rankings after other SEO companies messed up, or after they got hit by a Google (Pinguin or Panda) update! We have a high quality network where we post content and links to your site, and we use multiple tiers, pyramids, linking models and random anchors not to leave any footprint whatsoever. (Sorry if this is too technical for you, but you are in good hands!)

In what language and countries can I do SEO

We are aware that most of our competitors only supply SEO services either in English or in their native/local language. For our SEO strategy it doesn’t matter where you are from and what language you speak. You can choose any country where you would like to achieve the Google results (e.g. google.co.uk, google.es, google.nl or google.de), or choose for our worldwide (google.com) service.

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